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The Tome Ep 125: Third Party EXTRAVAGANZA

This episode is a collection of mini-reviews of a slew of 3rd party products (products usable for D&D but not by Wizards of the Coast). Chris Heard from Icosohedraphelia gives us reviews of the Chessex Dice Boot, Sonic Legends Soundscapes, and Paizo GameMastery Flip-Pad Mats, Jeremiah McCoy from the Basics of the Game gives us a look at Tieflings from Goodman Games, Marcelo Dior from Voices of the Third Earth (a Portuegese language show) talks about iPlay4e, and Donny (from my gaming group) brings you a look at In Search of Adventure from Goodman Games. Oh, and I also did some reviewing. Goodman Games products I reviewed includes Scions of Punjar and The Forgotten Portal and I also looked at Q-Workshop Steampunk dice, Fat Dragon Games' Ultimate GM Screen II, DM Tracker, and Precis Intermedia's Disposable Heroes - Fantasy 6 paper miniatures.

You can get many of these from our Sponsor:


Chessex Dice Boot

Q-Workshop Dice


In Search of Adventure

GameMastery Flip-Mats

Forgotten Portal

Scions of Punjar


Jeff's Review of Swords of Eveningstar at Fist Full of Comics and Games

At-Will blog, which will have a regular feature from Jeff called Characters with Character

Icosohedraphelia (D&D actual play podcast and more)

Voices of the Third Earth (Portuguese language gaming podcast)

Basics of the Game (reviews of game systems)

Sonic Legends

Goodman Games




DM's Tracker

The Tome Ep 124: Sly Flourish Advice

Mike Shea of Sly Flourish joins me for a discussion where we build an encounter at a portal to the Fey Wild based around Foulspawn and then we talk about finding the balance of using collaborative storytelling in your game as a DM and a player.



Pick of the episode - Paizo's Flip-Mats

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Sly Flourish

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