The Tome Ep 125: Third Party EXTRAVAGANZA


This episode is a collection of mini-reviews of a slew of 3rd party products (products usable for D&D but not by Wizards of the Coast). Chris Heard from Icosohedraphelia gives us reviews of the Chessex Dice Boot, Sonic Legends Soundscapes, and Paizo GameMastery Flip-Pad Mats, Jeremiah McCoy from the Basics of the Game gives us a look at Tieflings from Goodman Games, Marcelo Dior from Voices of the Third Earth (a Portuegese language show) talks about iPlay4e, and Donny (from my gaming group) brings you a look at In Search of Adventure from Goodman Games. Oh, and I also did some reviewing. Goodman Games products I reviewed includes Scions of Punjar and The Forgotten Portal and I also looked at Q-Workshop Steampunk dice, Fat Dragon Games' Ultimate GM Screen II, DM Tracker, and Precis Intermedia's Disposable Heroes - Fantasy 6 paper miniatures.

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Chessex Dice Boot

Q-Workshop Dice


In Search of Adventure

GameMastery Flip-Mats

Forgotten Portal

Scions of Punjar


Jeff's Review of Swords of Eveningstar at Fist Full of Comics and Games

At-Will blog, which will have a regular feature from Jeff called Characters with Character

Icosohedraphelia (D&D actual play podcast and more)

Voices of the Third Earth (Portuguese language gaming podcast)

Basics of the Game (reviews of game systems)

Sonic Legends

Goodman Games




DM's Tracker

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The Tome Ep 124: Sly Flourish Advice


Mike Shea of Sly Flourish joins me for a discussion where we build an encounter at a portal to the Fey Wild based around Foulspawn and then we talk about finding the balance of using collaborative storytelling in your game as a DM and a player.



Pick of the episode - Paizo's Flip-Mats

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Sly Flourish

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