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The Tome Ep 123: Matt James Advice

I am joined in this episode by Matt James to talk about what he's doing in the D&D world, as well as building a Shadar-Kai Swordmage and giving advice on how to start a new campaign.



Pick of the Episode - Plane Below

Character Build (PDFs):

Jeff's Build at Level 1

Jeff's Build at Level 11

Matt's Build at Level 15



Matt James on Twitter

James' Brothers on Facebook

The Tome Ep 122: Draconomicon Metallic Dragons

Dave Chalker and Quinn Murphy join me to talk about Draconomicon: Metallic Dragons. We tend to like the book although think that one chapter (Dragon Lairs) was lacking in creativity.



Pick of the Episode

1st Edition Draconomicon

Draconomicon (4e) Chromatic Dragons

Draconomicon (4e) Metallic Dragons


Critical Hits

Quinn Murphy

"Tide of Iron" by Drakkensteed

Drakkensteed on Twitter

The Tome Ep 121: Revenge of the Giants

To look at the super-adventure Revenge of the Giants I called on Quinn Murphy and Ken Newquist. The short of it, great concepts, great fights, great skill challenges, struggles with pacing and story. Listen up for more.



Picks of the Episode -

Against the Giants (older versions)

Revenge of the Giants (4e)



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