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The Tome Ep 117: DMG 2 Review

To review the DMG2 I called upon the professionals of Quinn Murphy (At-Will) and Dave Chalker (Critical Hits). All in all this book has some faults, but we generally thought it was fantastic. One of us even claimed that it was the best version of any DMG ever released...that's high praise. Listen in for more.

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Critical Hits

The Tome Ep 116: DMG2 Interview Extravaganza

In this episode I talked to Mike Mearls and James Wyatt of Wizards of the Coast about the Dungeon Masters Guide 2. I also went down to my local game store, All Fun and Games, in Apex, NC to talk to the people there about the DMG2 World Wide D&D Game Day event.

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Please consider giving to the Melanoma Research Foundation in memory of Bobbie from All Fun and Games.

The Tome Ep 115: Halfling Cleric and Pacing

This episode I am joined by Don Dehm of Pulp Gamer as we build a Halfling Cleric focused on healing, evangelizing, and protecting itself. We also give some of our thoughts on pacing and engagement in the game.


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