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Benton and Jason from Fist Full of Comics and Games represented the Vorpal Network at GenCon 2009 and talked to Bruce Cordell and Andy Collins of Wizards of the Coast for me.

They also talked to some other folks at WotC and Green Ronin and you can find that interview at Fist Full of Comics.

Likewise, Gamer's Haven just released an episode with an interview with Joseph Goodman of Goodman Games



RPGNow pick of the episode - Clever Classes: Explorer

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The Tome Ep 113: Eberron 4e

In this episode the Eberron Campaign Guide and Players Guide are explored by myself, McCoy, Nick DiPetrillo (from DungeonMastering), and Ken Newquist (from Nuketown).



RPGNow Pick of the Episode - Flaws and Merits


Eberron video Review on DungeonMastering

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The Tome Ep 112: Divine Power

Divine Power is a supplement intended to improve your divine characters with new options for your Avenger (teach them to play better with the rest of the party), Cleric (become all the healer you can be), Invoker (the true voice of the gods), and the Paladin (now you can be a defender that defends), plus rules for Domains (adds more options and flavor to your divine characters) as well as more feats, rituals and more.

In this episode I am joined by Sr. Contributor Will Wong, as well as Quinn Murphy and Jake Fitch from the At-Will blog.



RPGNow Pick - Ultimate GM Screen 2

Gamer's Attic

Gamer's Attic Pick - Divine Power


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