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The Tome Ep 103: Wraith Recon

A short and sweet solo episode where I look at Wraith Recon, from Mongoose Publishing.

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The Tome: Ep 102 Pathfinder Setting

In this episode Jeremiah McCoy and Zachary Houghton join me to review that Pathfinder Campaign Guide and Gazetteers. If you're interested in the setting of the Pathfinder products these books are for you. While designed for 3e D&D, being largely rule-light these are two products that could easily be used in 4e D&D, or any other game system.

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Basics of the Game


TSP: Second Darkness 6 of 6

Geoffrey D. Winn brings us the final installment of our Second Darkness series of The Tome Show Presents. The final interview is with Brian Cortijo and I want to thank Paizo and Geoffrey D. Winn for making this series possible.

I hope you enjoy and please email the show if you have another product or line of products you would like to see an in-depth look at for the next Tome Show Presents series.

The Tome Ep 101: Players Handbook 2

This episode, looking at the new Players Handbook 2 has a whole bevy of guests.


Jeremiah McCoy

Phillipe-Antoine Menard

Will Wong

and Ed Healy



Pick of the Episode: Hard Boiled Armies

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We looked at the PH2 and used a scale of:

Good (G) = liked it

Unaligned (U) = eh...whatever

Evil (E) = didn't like it

We looked at...


Deva - Good McCoy - U/G Will - G Phil - G Ed - G Jeff - G

Gnome - Unaligned McCoy - G Will - G Phil - U Ed - G/U Jeff - U/G

Goliath - Good Will - G Ed - G Phil - G McCoy - G Jeff - U/G

Half-Orc - Unaligned Ed - U McCoy - U Phil - U Will - U/G Jeff - G

Shifter - Good Phil - U/E McCoy - G Will - G Ed - G Jeff U/E

Racial Paragon Paths - Good Unanimously - G

We also looked at the new classes like...

Avenger - Good Unanimously - G

Barbarian - Good Unanimously - G

Bard - Good Will - U Ed - G Phil - U McCoy - G Jeff - G

Druid - Unaligned/Good McCoy - U/G Ed - G Phil - U Will - G Jeff - U

Invoker - Good Everyone but Jeff - G Jeff - U

Shaman - Good Everyone but McCoy - G McCoy - U

Sorcerer - Unaligned McCoy - U Phil - G Will - U Ed - U Jeff - G

Warden - Good McCoy - E Phil - G Ed - U Will - G Jeff - U

And we also talked about Epic Destinies, Backgrounds, Feats, Items, Rituals, and Errata.

Phew...big episode, I hope you enjoy listening as much as we enjoyed recording!

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