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The Tome Ep 98: PC/DM Resources

Character Sheet/Folio/Codex/Generator as well as Disposable Heroes, Bonus Tools, Campaign Records, DM Screen, Tokens, Dungeon Tiles, and the D&D Basic Stater Set! There's a lot squeezed into this episode and in a tiny little episode. Hope you enjoy.

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TSP: Second Darkness 4 of 6

Geoffrey D. Winn brings us the fourth installment of the Second Darkness series for this Tome Show Presents. Sit back, relax, and be overwhelmed by the coming darkness.

The Tome Ep 97: Draconomicon

The Draconomicon is a book to help DMs get more dragons into their games focused on chromatic wyrms. To go through this book bit by bit and figure out if it lives up to that promise I am joined by Quinn the Gamefiend from At-Will and Dave Chalker from Critical Hits.

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