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The Tome Ep 94: Apelord and Half-Dead

Jeremiah McCoy brings you this review of two PDFs from One Bad Egg. These are two new races to be used for 4th edition D&D, the Apelord and the Half-Dead. No monkey business, I'm dead serious!

Links: RPG Now One Bad Egg Basics of the Game

The Tome Ep 93: Adventurer’s Vault

Jeremiah McCoy, Will, and Jeff review the Adventurer's Vault, 4th edition book of equipment and the rules on how to use them.

Links: Basics of the Game Forums RPG

The Tome Ep 92: DDM Update

Gregg Dieckhaus brings us an interview with Jim Ansaldo of the Dungeons and Dragons Miniatures Guild to give us an update on all the big news in the D&D Minis line as well as a glimpse into the future of where the skirmish game is going.

Links along the way: DiceCast from Polymancer Vorpal Network

TSP: Second Darkness 2 of 6

Geoffrey D. Winn interviews James Jacobs about Second Darkness: The Void Children.

This book can be purchased here from the Tome's Amazon Store.

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