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The Tome Ep 91: DCC 53-55

Dungeon Crawl Classics from Goodman Games have gone 4e with these first three installments of 1st level adventures intended to hit the 2e feel. Hear what I think about DCC53: Sellswords of Punjar, DCC54: Forge of the Mountain King, DCC55: Isle of the Sea Drake.

The sponsor for this episode is Kobold Quarterly. A gaming magazine for D&D players of 3e and 4e. This episode was inspired by a conversation on the Forum for the show over on the Vorpal Network.

The Tome Ep 90: Pathfinder RPG Update

The 3.5 Private Sanctuary brings us this update on the Pathfinder RPG and what is going on over at Paizo.

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Find all things Tome-y at the website.

The Tome Ep 89: Dragora’s Dungeon

Dragora's Dungeon is an adventure from Goodman Games. It's good to get back into the old school reviewing mode again, but I would still love to get reviews from listeners for the show. If you are interested don't forget to swing by the forums or email me.

The sponsor for this episode is Roleplaying Tips.

And I want to hear what you look for in a published adventure (and we have a thread about if I should do adventure reviews one at a time or several at once with a similar theme) over at the Forums.

TSP: Second Darkness 1 of 6

tome300x300.jpgGeoffrey D. Winn brings us the first installment of the new Tome Show Presents series. This time, we're taking an in-depth look at the Pathfinder Adventure Path series Second Darkness from Paizo Publishing. For this episode he talked to author Greg A. Vaughan.


The Tome Ep 88: FRCG/PG

tome300x300.jpgThe Forgotten Realms Character Guide and Players Guide gives us a new look into the world of Faerun for 4th edition. This has been a hotly discussed change and everyone I've talked to seems to have a different opinion on the topic. So it's odd that when I chatted with Chuck Martinell for the show we seemed to have the same impression about most of the parts of the two books that introduce us to this world all over again.

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This episode would not have been the same without the forums at the Vorpal Network.

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