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The Tome Ep 80: Harley Stroh

profile.jpgHarley Stroh, the line editor for Goodman Games' Dungeon Crawl Classics took some time before GenCon to chat with me a bit about what 4th Edition products from Goodman Games, what it's like to write adventures for 4th edition D&D, and how to write adventures that don't suck.

I also mentioned:

The Forums Vorpal Network The Basics of the Game The Email Twitter for me Twitter for Vorpal

and probably much much more that I'm forgetting.

The Tome Ep 79: Pathfinder Society

profile.jpgPaizo is running organized play along with the Pathfinder product line called the Pathfinder Society. While at Origins 2008 they ran a panel describing what they were planning to do and I was there to record it.

The promo was for the Vorpal Network, which also has the show's forums, which you should totally be at right now.

The Tome Ep 78: 2008 Summer Contest

profile.jpgThe Tome's Summer 2008 contest is coming to a close at the end of August. But I wanted to give you one quick chance to hear what sort of quality things you could win. Why haven't you entered yet? What are you thinking?!?!? Get over to the website and enter today before it's too late.

Also, I am so very excited to bring you the Vorpal Network, which I serve on the Board of Directors for. Go check out the site, the new forums, and the news page. We have some big plans and want you to be in on the ground floor.

This episode has me talking to Don Dehm of Pulp Gamer, Daniel Perez of Highmoon Media, Fraser Ronald of Sword's Edge Publishing and the Accidental Survivors podcast, Jakub Jaraczewski of Q-Workshop, Nicolas Logue of Sinister Adventures, Rone Barton for Goodman Games, Steve Kenson of Green Ronin, and Steve Machow of Myth Merchant Press.

Phew, it was a lot of talking and a lot of prizes for you to get to entering!!

The Tome Ep 77: Pathfinder RPG Seminar

profile.jpgThe Pathfinder RPG/Sticking with 3.5 Seminar from Origins 2008 included Publisher Erik Mona, Lead Designer Jason Buhlman, and Director of Marketing Joshua Frost all of Paizo Publishing. They chat about the Pathfinder RPG, what it is, what it will be, and what you can expect from it.

Interested in discussing it? Head to the forums.

Swing by the Tome's Amazon Store to support the show.

And check out Fist Full of Comics and Games where I made a recent appearance.

The promo this time around is for the 3.5 Private Sanctuary.

The Tome Ep 76: Healing Surges/Raise Dead

profile.jpgThe Tome looks at Healing Surges and the Raise Dead ritual for D&D 4e as well as discussing some ways that you can build a good Dwarven Paladin and Dragonborn Fighter.

Swing by the Forums and let us know what you think about the advice provided and the character builds discussed.

You can find the Tome's Summer Contest 2008 until the end of August.

Keith Baker's Blog was discussed.

And the promo played was for Playing For Keeps.

The Tome Ep 75: Secrets of 4e Sem (Mearls)

profile.jpgMike Mearls conducted a seminar at Origins 2008 titled "Secrets of 4e" where he gave some more insight into how 4e works, why it works, and what you can do to make it work better.

Promo is for Accidental Survivors

Head to the forums to join in the conversation.

Next up...the first 4e advice episode...Oooo! Be impressed. :-)

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