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TSP: Blood of the Gorgon 2 of 4

profile.jpgThe Tome Show Presents: Blood of the Gorgon brings you Wolfgang Baur talking about the Blood of the Gorgon Open Design Project by Nicolas Logue.

Wolfgang talks to me about how the project is going and how well it will fit into the city of Zobeck.

I also give my report on how things are going form the point of view of a first time patron.

The Tome Ep 59: 4e Misc.

profile.jpgThe last of the series of chats that I had with Chris Engler (of Wapcaplets) about various 4th edition news. Thanks again to Chris for joining us. Everyone else, make sure you email in or hop over to the forums to let me know what if you want Chris back and what we should talk about (more 4e updates, etc.).

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The Tome Ep 58: Winn Report

profile.jpgGeoffrey D. Winn brings us the last of his reports from D&D Experience.

DDXP documents and Videos have been released at this point.

You can say thanks to Geoffrey D. Winn for his work at DDXP at the forums.

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The Tome Ep 57: Last Dragon

profile.jpgNew contributor Gabe Gregoire brings us a review of Last Dragon of the new Discoveries line from Wizards of the Coast as well as a quick interview with the author J.M. McDermott.

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The Tome Ep 56: Gamer Zero/Blue

profile.jpgGeoffrey D. Winn brings us the last of the DDXP interviews, this time with Gamer Zero and Blue of the Gamer Radio Zero show over at WotC. It's a great listen and thanks again to Geoffrey for doing such a great job on this.

Also I threw in an episode of Wapcaplets about D&D Miniatures, to give you yet another feel for what that show is all about. Thanks to Chris Engler, the host of that show, for being on the Tome regularly.

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The Tome Ep 55: 4e Settings

profile.jpg4th Edition chat with Chris Engler of Wapcaplets continues. This time we talked about 4e setting information.

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The Tome Ep 54: Greenwood DDXP

profile.jpgGeoffrey D. Winn brings us an interview with Ed Greenwood at D&D Experience. Ed Greenwood is the creator of the Forgotten Realms, Castlemourn, and much much more.

This episode is also the first episode that has a sponsor. Sinister Adventures is a new gaming company doing some very exciting things in adventure writing. Be sure to check them out.


Also, I have some homework for you in this episode, so head over to the forums and let me know what you think.

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