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The Tome Ep 53: Erik Mona Pathfinder

profile.jpgErik Mona took the time out of his busy schedule to talk about the recent announcement that Paizo Publishing will be using a new game system that they are developing, the Pathfinder RPG, which is an offshoot of the 3.5 D&D game rules that is undergoing a year long open playtest.

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The Tome Ep 52: Andy Collins 4e

profile.jpgAndy Collins, of Wizards of the Coast, was nice enough to take some time out of his extremely busy schedule to talk to me the other night about all the crunchy rules bits about 4th Edition.

I opted to have no promo in this episode, as it was already running fairly long.

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The Tome Ep 51: Wyatt DDXP

profile.jpgGeoffrey D. Winn brings us another awesome interview from D&D Experience, this time with James Wyatt, where they talk extensively about gnomes in 4e (and other things) as well as James' novels in Eberron.

The promo you hear is from Nuketown Radio Active (you may notice that they shared a review with us a while back, also.

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I hope you enjoy the episode, you can always reach me at thetomeshow at gmail dot com as well as at the forums on the website.

The Tome Ep 50: 4e D&DI

profile.jpgThis episode is the next in the series where Chris Engler and I discuss 4th Edition, this time it's focused on D&D Insider.

Instead of a promo you get a full (3 min) episode of Wapcaplets.

I have a backlog of content to get out in episodes and I am on a short break, so you can probably expect to see several episodes this week. Hope you enjoy!

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The Tome Ep 49: Rouse and Youngs


EDIT: A new version of this file has been added with two extra minutes of the interview that was lost the first time around. If you want information about alignment from Rouse and Youngs check it out at about the 34 minute mark. If you already have the episode from before, simply delete and re-download for the missing two minutes. Thanks for your understanding.

Geoffrey D. Winn brings in another great interview with Chris Youngs and Scott Rouse at D&D Experience.

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The Tome Ep 48: 4e Monsters

profile.jpgChris Engler and Jeff Greiner talk 4e Monsters in this episode. It's worth noting again that a lot of info came out at DDXP and that this episode was recorded before that. So you can find more current information at the forum and the upcoming interviews from DDXP by Geoffrey D. Winn.

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The Tome Ep 47: PH2

profile.jpgThe Players Handbook 2 is a book full of alternatives for players to use to make their characters more interesting. This review was done by Will. I don't expect there to be a ton more 3.5 book reviews after this, so enjoy it while you've got it.

This is another episode where the intro/outro audio might sound a bit different than usual. There will be one more episode with that issue and from there out all should be good.

Coming up there is a series of 4e chats between me and Chris Engler as well as more interviews and reports from DDXP with Geoffrey D. Winn. So keep an eye out for that.

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Creator of D&D Dies

For those who have not heard, Gary Gygax, co-creator of the game that we all know and love, died this morning. He wasn't terribly old although I understand he had had is share of health issues.

He gave us Dungeons and Dragons and without that move the world that we live in would be a different place. No 1e, 2e, 3e, or 4e. No video game rpgs. No table top rpgs. My guess is that none of us here would have ever played an role-playing game in our lives. Likely there would be very little in the world of fantasy in pop culture without the creation of D&D those decades ago. Love him or hate him, he has impacted all our lives for the better and I would like to thank him for it .

R.I.P. Gary Gygax, keep rolling 20s.

TSP: Blood of the Gorgon 1 of 4

profile.jpgThis is the first of a new series called "The Tome Show Presents". In this TSP I will be featuring a short series of shows around one theme or product.

In this first appearance I am presenting Blood of the Gorgon, the 5th Open Design project that I talked about during my interview with Nicolas Logue.

After talking to Nicolas and Wolfgang Baur before I still had a hard time getting my head wrapped around what the experience of being a Patron of the Open Design projects was like. So I twisted a few arms and now I get to bring you the experience as well as provide current Patrons a bit of an insight as to what is going on with the project and another channel of communication between them and the author.

This is part 1 of 4 of the Tome Show Presents: Blood of the Gorgon and I hope you enjoy. You can, email me at or visit the website at

The Tome Ep 46: Perkins/Girard

profile.jpgGeoffrey D. Winn got some great interviews at D&D Experience bringing you all the scoops about 4th edition and more. This is the first of the series of interviews, this one with Sara Girard and Chris Perkins.

I'm not going to leave much in the show notes so I can get this out quickly. But you know the routines from all the other episodes.

In the next several episodes you'll be hearing more chatter between me and Chris Engler, mixed with more DDXP interviews, as well as regular review episodes. Plus a new side series for the Tome which will also probably come out this weekend.


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