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The Tome Ep 27: Wolfgang Baur

profile.jpg Wolfgang Baur sat down with your Tome Host this time around to chat about his life as a D&D designer/author and the sorts of things he's up to these days. We talk about Kobold Quarterly, the Open Design project, Dragon/Dungeon magazines, and his freelance work.

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I also chat a bit about some up coming things for the Tome. You can find the Tome at

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The Tome Ep 26: 4e Announcement

profile.jpg4th Edition is here!!!

Okay, 4th edition has been announced, it's not quite here yet, and the Fist Full of Comics and Games guys were there and share the audio with me to put out here even as the convention (GenCon) is still going on. In this timely episode I bring you most of the audio direct from the announcement as well as some reactions from the FFoCaG guys who were there. Then I finish off by giving you some more news that I have learned and some of my thoughts on the new edition.

There will be at least one follow up episode to this as the FFoCaG guys send along more clips, plus don't hesitate to turn to the Tome for the monthly D&D news segments which will be featuring 4th edition news.

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YouTube Videos of the Announcement: Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4

Seems that 4e Might be Announced Soon

Go visit the D&D website (Here) and what do you get? A visual that is a countdown of some sort. It is labeled 4deventure. All the dice on the image are on the number 4.

I'm told (because I'm not actually going to be at GenCon) that the countdown happens to perfectly coincide with a scheduled D&D event at the convention.

This leaves me...apprehensive to say that best.

The Tome Ep 25: Eytan Bernstein

profile.jpgThis episode brings an interview with game designer Eytan Bernstein, author of Exemplars of Evil, Dragons of Faerun, and much much more.

Also, I announce a bit of a change I am going to try out for the show, so check that out.

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The Tome Ep 24: Dragons of Faerun

Welcome to the Tome, Dragons of Faerun. profile.jpg

The Tome Summer 2007 Contest is over. And the winners are announced in this episode.

I then proceed to review Dragons of Faerun. Dragons of Faerun has a series of great Web Enhancements on the WotC site. You can find them at:

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