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Ravenloft Opening

Greetings all. Back in the day I started a Tome-listener-only PBEM version of the latest Ravenloft adventure. One of the players has seemed to have disappeared. So if there is anyone out there interested in joining the game (I'm happy to teach you how PBEM works if you want) and playing the PC that's already in the midst of the game (a human sorcerer) then shoot me an email (thetomeshow gmail com) and we'll hook you up.


Just doing some things to try and help people find the podcast here.

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The Tome Episode 14: Dragonmarked and More

This is a very special episode. First, you'll note that I refer to it as episode 13...which is incorrect, as explained last week. Second, this Dragonmarked review includes comments from the guys at Fist Full of Comics and Games ( and an extra guest review of Secrets of Sarlona by Geoffrey Winn. So you get a double Eberron episode after 14 episodes of no Eberron.

Let me know what you think at or


I've changed the bit-rate. It may lower quality some, let me know if you notice, please. I'm having issues running out of space on the site. My options are smaller files, fewer episodes, or paying more money...which I can't afford (unless someone wants to make a donation :-) ).

The Tome Episode 13: Dragon 355

In this episode I review Dragon magazine #355...all about the monsters.

Contact the show via email at, leave an odeo on the site (, or a voicemail at 206-984-1159.

I already have the VERY special episode for Dragonmarked recorded and partially edited, but then this Dragon arrived in my mailbox and I wanted to get it out as quickly as possible, so here you go, 24 hours later with a recorded out of order review.

Also, new mic. Better sound quality, but still working out the kinks. Thanks.

And another attempt to claim the Odeo channel. Sigh.

My Odeo Channel (odeo/a1fdf00a83fa47be)


Hey guys, just adding an Odeo channel to claim the feed through Odeo. Yay for new ways to be listened to/discovered.

My Odeo Channel (odeo/a1fdf00a83fa47be)

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