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The Tome Episode 10: Dragons 352 and 353

Welcome to the long belated episode 10 of the Tome. In this episode I look at both Dragon magazine issues 352 and 353. One focuses on the works of China Meiville and the other is an Outer Planar Extravaganza. Sorry for the late nature of this episode, life has caught up with me, it seems. You are getting a double review and a new format to boot. This was a less scripted review where I spent a lot less time getting into the in depth details to make is shorter and maybe more conversational. Let me know what you think about the format, send me a guest review, or any other comment you would like at

The Tome Episode 9: Year of Rogue Dragons

In this, the 9th installment of The Tome, I take a little jaunt away from game books and look at a series of novels, as a listener requested I do. So this is the Year of Rogue Dragons. If you want to email me do so at or visit the site at

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