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The Tome Episode 4: Complete Mage

The next of the highly anticipated international podcast of The Tome is here. In this episode I review Complete Mage, give some shout outs to some people who have been helpful to the show, and let you know where we're going next.

If you want to send in a guest review, comment on a previous episode, or make a suggestion for the show please email thetomeshow@gmail.com, leave a comment at the website at http://thetome.podbean.com or be an early poster on the forum at http://thetome.freepowerboards.com

The next episode will be Dragon Magazine #350. After that will be: Expedition to Castle Ravenloft, Fiendish Codex II, and new issues of Dragon Magazine.

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Titles that have me itching…

Here are the things that I am itching to get in reviews on:

Complete Mage (this is next on the list of books)

New Dragon magazines

Expedition to Castle Ravenloft

Fiendish Codex II: Tyrants of the Nine Hells (out in December)

I'm not a huge Eberron buyer, although the Dragonmarked book looks pretty interesting, so maybe that one...maybe. I'm disappointed to not see more up coming Forgotten Realms books. I'm a Realmsian fan from way back when. My first real game of D&D was running the Avatar trilogy. Hmmm...I should update that and run it for one of my Play By Email groups. Maybe throw in Ravenloft...call it Classics_Game or FR_Classics. Anyway, I'm rambling.

What else should I be checking out that's coming up? What already out materials should I review (those are even faster for me to do since I've already read them once I only have to do my second/note-taking reading on those...half the work means new show out twice as quick)? Any ideas?

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Episode 3 Hordes of the Abyss

Welcome to the Tome, Episode 3! In this episode I review Fiendish Codex I: Hordes of the Abyss.

I encourage everyone to participate in the show by sending in emails or audio comments to thetomeshow@gmail.com, leaving a comment on the website http://thetome.podbean.com or leaving a comment on the forum http://thetome.freepowerboards.com. Please, send in any comments about possible upcoming books to be reviewed: Complete Mage, Expedition to Castle Ravenloft, or the latest issue of Dragon magazine. I will include comments with the appropriate review.

Lastly, thanks for listening. Let me know what you like and don't like about the show. I'm always willing to consider constructive feedback. Thanks again!

The file for this episode has been pulled to conserve space on the host site. If you are interested in getting this episode please email thetomeshow@gmail.com.

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