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Tome GenCon Special - The Big Announcement Part 2

August 7, 2010

This year at the WotC Preview at GenCon they reviewed stuff we already knew...and then told us about the new stuff. Like Ravenloft, a bunch of new card sets and mechanics, more boxed sets, the new Player's Handbook: Heroes of Shadow (notice it is NOT being called Player's Handbook 4...that seems gone), and new print Forgotten Realms material that I mentioned in last night's audio release. For the details have a listen and enjoy.

Oh, and that loud mouth you hear yell out all the time and generally make a lot of ruckus...that's Matt James, you've heard him on the show before (and he had a product announced with his name on it).

This audio is split into two parts, but I will release them both tonight so you can hear all the news. So make sure you go back and get both episodes.

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