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Toddeus Comes and Toddeus Goes (DnDeBrief 021)

July 19, 2020

D&DeBrief episode 021 - Toddeus Comes and Toddeus Goes

Summary: What can an aged goat tell the party about an ancient magical book? The Book of Proofs has finished its evaluation so the group calls on Toddeus to help them decipher the coded proof. The group makes chilling realizations about the fate of the Common Plateau and the origins of Blaxley - they have learned more than they bargained for!

Debrief: In an effort to keep releases fast and fun, DnDeBrief is switching to a new podcast format of 1-hour episodes. As a result, this episode has no debrief. The team is working on a way to get 15 minutes of debrief in every episode! Stay Tuned!

Maps & Images: 

Island Chain where Trastenfen is located: Map of the Gormer Chain

The region to the West of Trastenfen: Map of West Region

Image of the eye symbol seen on the tunics of the sailors: Eye Symbol

Image of the eye symbol with longer tentacles on the stems: Eye Symbol Extended

Image of the Hokka by @ArtKaree: Hokka 


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Music: Mystery by ebunny

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