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The Palace of Mud (DnDeBrief 011)

July 18, 2020

D&DeBrief episode 011 - The Palace of Mud

Summary: The Party fights off a dinosaur made of mud and four muddy humanoids. They make their way to the Hokka's temple which is said to contain the incubation pools. The Temple of Bakal/Temple of Birth turns out to have a presence other than the Hokka, and the party finds an altar made of coral, an arcane sigil on the floor, several important sounding books in an old bookcase, and another arcane lens!

Debrief: No DeBrief this session - look for an extra long DeBrief next episode!

Maps & Images: 

Island Chain where Trastenfen is located: Map of the Gormer Chain

The region to the West of Trastenfen: Map of West Region

Image of the eye symbol seen on the tunics of the sailors: Eye Symbol

Image of the eye symbol with longer tentacles on the stems: Eye Symbol Extended

Image of the Hokka by @ArtKaree: Hokka 


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Music: Mystery by ebunny

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