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Meet The Queens (DnDeBrief 027)

December 5, 2020

D&DeBrief episode 027 - Meet The Queens

Summary: As the gang travels to Kalport, Khonnos uses a dangerous spell and ends up unconscious for enough time to make the others worry. They reach Kalport and are greeted with a summons from the queens. They parley with the queens, meet the Abbot of Straben, and then take their leave to go investigate the Library of Therondimus. 

Debrief: This episode's long and expansive debrief starts at the 2 hour 22 minute mark. We discuss RPGs as a coping mechanism, the 5-minute workday phenomenon in D&D, play-styles and systems, the evolution of D&D, and why the inspiration mechanic is oft neglected.  

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Maps & Images: 

Island Chain where Trastenfen is located: Map of the Gormer Chain

The region to the West of Trastenfen: Map of West Region


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