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August 31, 2016

This is where you will find information about regular cast members, reporters, reviewers, and hosts of the show. 


Jeff Greiner (the Tome Founder, Behind the DM Screen, Reviews, Advice, and Book Club Host) 

Your loyal and dedicated Tome Founder is Jeff Greiner. Jeff is  a father of two, lives, teaches middle school, and is getting a PhD in Raleigh, NC. He has been playing D&D since he was 8. In his free time Jeff DMs a game every other weekend, works on this podcast, reads (novels, game books, and comics), and listens to a metric ton of podcasts.

When it comes to D&D hosts...he's the original. He's sometimes on Twitter @squach. 


Tracy Hurley (The Tome Reviews, Advice, and Book Club Co-Host)


Tracy is the brains behind the operation. She joined the show in 2011 but has been an active member of the D&D community for a few years before that. She started playing D&D in 2009 which is also when she started writing her popular gaming blog, Sarah Darkmagic.

When it comes to D&D hosts, she's the smart one. Find her on Twitter @SarahDarkmagic.

Samuel Dillon (The Tome Editor and Behind the DM Screen Host)


Samuel Dillon is the wisest of the Tome's staff, having helped deliver dirt when it was first born (this also means he's been playing tabletop games for nearly 30 years, making him a higher level geek than the other two members of the staff combined). He is the driving force behind the RPG Musings blog, which is made out of pure awesome. He is also active at the RPG Geek site as LordDillon.

When it comes to D&D staff, he's the talented one. Find him on Twitter @DMSamuel. 

James Introcaso (Host of the Round Table and Gamer to Gamer)
James Introcaso, host of The Round Table and Gamer to Gamer, has been podcasting with The Tome Show since 2013. He is also an ENnie-winning blogger at and produces a fantasy comedy radio play called Have Spellbook, Will Travel with Rudy Basso. You can find him on Twitter @JamesIntrocaso.

Rudy Basso (Host of DnD VnG and regularly on the Round Table)

Rudy Basso is a freelance (unemployed) actor and writer living in Northern NJ.  This affords him plenty of time to host the D&D V&G podcast and guest (far too often) on The Round Table.  He also produces a fantasy comedy audiodrama called Have Spellbook, Will Travel ( with James Introcaso.  He can be found on Twitter at @rudybasso.

Geoff Winn (Host of Appendix N)
Geoffrey Winn is the host of the Appendix N Podcast, where he discusses Gary Gygax’s favorite pulp stories and their influence on Dungeons & Dragons. He is also a regular guest on The Tome Show and was the first to interview WotC staffers about the fourth edition of Dungeons & Dragons in 2008. You can follow him on Twitter (@geoffreydwinn) if you’re into that sort of thing.

Eric Paquette (Host of the Tome Show Book Club)
Eric Paquette, host of the book club episodes, is the French Canadian eclectic gamer. When not reading books, you can find him playing games of all types in Ottawa, organizing CanGames (Canada's longest running games convention), and pronouncing Z correctly. You can follow him on twitter @ericmpaq or his blog, Eric's Gaming Pulse ( If you see him at Gen Con, ask him for some Canadian candy.

Mike Shea (Host of Behind the DM Screen)
Mike Shea is the writer of the Dungeons and Dragons blog Sly Flourish ( the author of the Lazy Dungeon Master ( and Sly Flourish's Fantastic Locations ( Mike has also freelanced with Sasquach Games, Kobold Press, Fire Opal Media, and Wizards of the Coast on titles such as Vault of the Dracolich, Primeval Thule, the Book of Lairs, the Drowned Tower, and Echo and Gauntlet. Mike lives with his geek gamer wife Michelle and their fiendish dire warg Jebu in Northern Virginia. Find Mike on Twitter @slyflourish. 

Jeff Wikstrom (Co-host of Appendix N)

Avid gamer Jeff Wikstrom (@jeff_wik on twitter) has been expounding on his opinions about the history of fantasy since the disco age but it was only when he became co-host of the Appendix N Podcast that he acquired any kind of audience.  Now it's gone to his head and we're all worried about him.  His barely coherent rants, including hundreds of thousands of words about King Arthur, are archived at