The Tome Show

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July 1, 2020

In the month of August you can win a bundle of products from SkullSplitter Dice. To do so you will need to have a Discord account and join the Tome Show server ( 


There are two ways to enter this month: 1. Be a member of the Tome Show Discord server at the end of August. Every one who is a member will be entered to win. 2. Get someone else to join the server. If they join and then go to the Contest Referral channel where they simply say "I was referred by...<insert who referred them here>" the person who referred them will get another entry to win. If we detect anyone trying to game the system in any way all their entries into the contest will be invalidated. At the end of the month all entries will be put on a list and a random number will be generated to determine the winner. 


If you don't win, don't give up; SkullSplitter Dice has sponsored the Tome Show for next month as well and next month you'll be able to enter the contest through our Twitch stream.


Don't forget, you can also always go to SkullSplitter Dice's Tome Show landing page and use the 15% off coupon code listed there to get a discount to buy whatever you want from their store. 

The August Bundle includes: